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Caramell Dansen

How long can you dance with anime characters for?

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Puppy Twister

A puppy that keeps on twisting to fast paced music… when will it stop?!

QVC #2

Dare to get sucked into the time warp that is QVC?

Jean Sleeping on Things

Can’t blame a guy for wanted to catch some Z’s. Here Jean Dujardin can be seen sleeping on various things.

Is it 6 PM?

Almost there, or maybe not, depending on where you are.

Reasons Conan is Crying

Whether tears of joy or tears of sorrow, these are the many reasons Conan O’Brien cries.


This is what happens when you mix Rahm Emanuel, Twitter, and a duck.


Just because it looks like you can do it, doesn’t mean that you actually can.

Map of the Dead

Worried about a zombie apocalypse? Be better prepared with this map, showing supplies and escape routes.