Question Sites

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Is Less More?

If you were wondering if less is more, this site might help.

Ryan Gosling or a Puppy?

Alone, one might say puppies and Ryan Gosling are cute. What happens when you compare the two though? This.

Where is Balloon Boy?

The story of Balloon Boy captivated the world, but the question remains… where is he?

Has the LHC Destroyed Earth?

Not sure if the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the earth? This site might help you find out.

Is Hosni Mubarak President?

In case you were wondering if Hosni Mubarak is still president or not, there is this site.

Should I Say Yes?

Not sure if you should do something? Just visit this site or click on the fortune cookie for a follow up.

Really Pinterest?

Things on Pinterest that will really make you wonder what’s going on.

Have They Found Life on Mars?

The Mars rover continues to search around the red planet, but the question about life remains–or does it?

Is it Windy?

Depending on where you are, the answer may be different, but just in case you wanted to know.