Art Sites

Riddly Diddly

An epic mashup that will test your will. How long can you last the Riddly Diddly-ness?

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F This Website

This person thought it would be funny to print f-bombs of different sizes and post them wherever.


This is what happens when you combine Popes and kaleidoscopes.


Makes words and statements look so much cooler, and possibly less legible.

Little Girls Are Better

At designing superheroes that is. Here, an artist recreates girls costumes as if they were real life superheroes.


This site allows you to create virtual trees with pink and white leaves.


The steamroller just keeps on rolling along.

Grandpa No Clothes

Please grandpa, put some clothes on and stop waving that stick of yours. It’s embarrassing.

Feed the Head

Keep on interacting with the head until something big happens. Almost as fun as Tamagotchi.