Art Sites

Infinite Frogs

So many frogs on screen, it’s almost dizzying.

Random Colour

This site shows a random color each time you visit. Would you say this is key lime or more sea foam green?

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Sunset Tracking

Follow the sunset around as it goes down, down, down.

Still in the Running

For, well, not really sure on this one. Perhaps “America’s Next Top Model?”

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

This is what you get when you combine Tom Selleck, waterfalls, and sandwiches. A brilliant combination?

Actresses Without Teeth

Anyone without teeth probably look odd, but female celebrities look so much… better?

Nic Cage as Everyone

There’s no role Nicolas Cage can’t handle as this site can attest.

In a far away galaxy, you find

Friend Bear

A bear, in the forest, that creates rather random cartoons for all the world to see.

Liquid Nonsense

There are a lot of things that probably don’t make sense. This site is one of them.