Art Sites

Faces in Places

You can find faces in the strangest places. This is a showcase of those faces.

Gnome Party

A gaggle (?) of gnomes having a jolly good time. (Does anyone know what a grouping of gnomes is called?)

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A Legless LEGO Legolas

LEGO Legolas from Lord of the Rings, without legs. Nothing more, or less for that matter.

Things Fitting Perfectly

This is what you get when you have a hole with something that fits in it perfectly.

Club Internet

Where there are brick-and-mortar museums and halls, Club Internet is what used to be an “online exhibition ‘space’ curated by various people.”


This site features a rooster dressed up in a red and white jacket.


Grab the sunglasses and put them on the guy already.

Disney Bound

This site is what happens when Disney fans and fashionistas collide.

Context-Free Patent Art

A collection of art, straight from patent applications, presented without commentary.

Monkey Tuesday

This lady really likes monkeys and it shows. This site is dedicated to nothing but them.

Menswear Dog

A dog that dresses up in stylish menswear–this or an owner that likes playing dress up with his or her dog.


Draw and play with dominoes. Like doing it in real life but digital.