Art Sites

365 Illustrations

This artist created an illustration every day for a whole year.


A site showcasing Instagram photos that people have taken of their melons.

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Music History in GIFs

This site features simple and fun gifs as a way of teaching music history.

Badly Recreated Film Frames

A still from an animated film is taken and then quickly turned into something that, more often than not, looks pretty bad.

Corgi Orgy

A whole lot of corgi’s swimming in water across your screen. Caution: potential cute overload.

The Kitten Covers

What happens when cats take over some of your favorite music albums–more proof that the Internet runs on cats.

Please Donate

A donation button appears before you.

Removie Posters

This is what happens when you remove one letter from the title of a movie.

Ringing Telephone

A telephone that just keeps on ringing, and ringing, and ringing…

Ignore Hitler

A guy who’s thing it was to draw Hitler in Draw Something requests.


A green llama-looking like thing, prancing backwards to the beat of music.

Lousy Book Covers

Like the description says, “Just because you can design your own book cover doesn’t mean you should.”


What happens when a mustache becomes the hair of the person the mustache is from.

We Will Attack

Click along the screen to start a color front. Let the war begin!