Art Sites

Mango Republic

Heard of the Banana Republic? Welcome to the Mango Republic, featuring a mango.

It’s positively dizzying. (You probably shouldn’t click if you’re prone to photosensitive epilepsy.)

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Fatal to the Flesh

Use this website whenever you feel like cutting something. It’s less messy that way.

Nulling the Void

Watch as rocks fall from the sky then explode upon click.


Hover over the letters on this site to see the screen change to red, green, or blue.

Blue Ball Machine

Follow one of many blue balls around the factory as it take shape and moves around the screen.

Big Long Now

Open up one door after another within the same doorway.

Internet Test Card

Internet, testing, 1, 2, 3… reminiscent of those old Indian test patterns.

Staggering Beauty

Move your cursor back and forth to make the black thing wiggle and jiggle. You might just not want to try to shake too hard.

The Daily Nice

Something that made the photographer feel happy, posted daily.

Salmon of Capistrano

A school of salmon colored salmon that you can navigate around.

Into Time

Colors that divide when you touch them.

Mirror Mirror

Someone controlling a mouse that moves like you do, as if your screen is a mirror.