Art Sites

Le Duchamp

An interactive bicycle wheel.

12 Glowing Men

12 Angry Men made a little less angry with color and glowing effects.

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Koalas to the Max

Circles that resemble a koala. The further you divide them, the more the koala becomes apparent.

Falling Falling

Watch as the colored panels fall from your screen.


This site features a repeating ninja and flexing GIF.

It’s a Mystery

Shhhh, this website, it’s a mystery–featuring a tiny ghost in the middle of the screen.

Hot Doom

Watch digital lava blow up in the middle of your screen.

Man in the Dark

Move a man in the dark. He will float around wherever your cursor goes.

Lacquer Lacquer

Ever wanted to add nail polish to a virtual hand? Now you can!

Present Cat

Present cats and cake dogs competing versus one another in a rainbow-fied battle to some finish.