Art Sites


Cholafied is your source for celebrities done up as if they were Cholas, complete with Sharpied eyebrows and dark lipliner.

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Electric Boogie Woogie

Yellow, blue, and red shapes move around the screen before your very eyes.

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Need a crouton for your Thanksgiving celebration? You got it!

Watermelon Duck

A duck that is a watermelon. No more; no less. Could be a distant relative of Nyan Cat.

Mister Nice Hands

You can now “pull someone’s finger” online with this site.

All I Can Do Is

Blue and red blobs that swirl together, and shift up and down depending on where your cursor is.

All Too Flat

A collection or random things, mythbusting, and quirky humor.


Dogs running endlessly across a bold rainbow screen.

Silk – Generative Art

Move your cursor around to create art with a line of symmetry down the center of the screen.

Coloring and Rap Activity Book

Rap fans can go back to their childhood days with these handy coloring sheets. Just print them up and color away.

Draw Me Something

Name what you want these artist to draw and they will draw it, oftentimes with unintentionally comedic results.

Secret Bookcase Doors

People sharing their hidden bookcase doors, just because–hiding all kinds of things including other rooms, storage, washing machines, and even Narnia.