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Is Kanye West a Douchebag?

Call it a what you will, but clearly haters gonna hate. Wonder what Taylor Swift has to say about this.

The On1on

These stories will make you wish they were satire.

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At My Funeral

Songs that people would like to have played at their funeral, whether or not others know it.

Repair Her Armor

Because the portrayal and reality of armor on women in games, oftentimes, doesn’t make sense.

Bad Opinion Generator

This site helps generate opinions that, in retrospect, are quite bad.


What happens when Kickstarter gets a little weird or freaky even? This site documents it.

Patience is a Virtue

Take a deep breath and just wait for the site to finish loading.

Thousands Under Ninety

Like the site says, “Because you know you deserve an award”–a site for all those shortchanged in life.

Yeah Button

Press the button for a nice long “yeaaahhhh!”

You Mean Envious

Not jealous! Now whenever anyone makes the mistake, you can send them this website.

Internet First Page

If there was ever a beginning to the Internet, it might look like this.

Booze Cats

Take a bottle of booze, replace it with a cat, and this is what you get.

HuffPo Spoilers

Like the description says, “I give in to @HuffingtonPost click-bait so you don’t have to.” How nice.

Companies That Only Hire Men

Tech companies have a bad rap for being primarily male. These job postings only seem to make things worse.