Commentary Sites

Hah Gaaaaaaaaay

Senior Chang saying “Ha, Gay!” from the television sitcom Community.

Animals Being Mean

Most of the time, it just looks worse than it actually is. Other times, the animals are really plotting.

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This Guy Eliot

You probably won’t care, unless your name is Eliot; but is Eliot of the sucking variety?

Bees Bees Bees

You get a bee, you get a bee, you get a bee!

No Time for Love

This is what happens when misplaced priorities turn into regret.


Ever get those people that just want to know something they could easily look up? This site is here to help.

It’s Twenty-Ten

Actually, the date for this site is now off a bit, but it does lay some foundation for saying the current year.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Pinterest is sometimes, too crazy for its own good. This site chronicles these posts.

Free Bill Stickers

Don’t stand for rampant bill stickers being prosecuted.

Sport Balls Replace with Cats

This site shows what would happen if the balls people played with in sports were replaces with cats.

Eel Slap!

Ever wanted to slap a guy with an eel? Now you can do just that!