Commentary Sites

Bring Google Reader Back

Google let users know they would pull the plug soon. This is one person’s effort to stop this from happening.

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Cute Roulette

The cute just keeps on coming–one cute video after another.

Liquid Nonsense

There are a lot of things that probably don’t make sense. This site is one of them.

Bad Kids Jokes

Kids jokes that might have you rolling your eyes because of how bad they are.

Life is Not Fair

Sometimes, life is not fair. That’s just the way it is.

Nothing Confuses Me

Nothing confuses you either? Great! This is the perfect site for you.


Need to figure out a start-up pitch? This site might help, might.

My Parents Were Awesome

Yeah, they might be a little older now or somewhere, who knows; but in their heyday, they were quite the party animals as this site reveals.

Is it Okay to be Alone?

Because sometime you just have to know that it’s okay to be by yourself.

Unhappy Hipsters

Somewhere around the intersection of hipsterdom and modern life, you find unhappy hipsters.