Commentary Sites

The Memorial of Unsaved Work

Where people go to eulogize and otherwise remember their unsaved work and that of their colleagues.


This site features a rooster dressed up in a red and white jacket.

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Who is Osama?

When Osama was killed; some of the world rejoiced; some were saddened; others, where confused.

Succeed Blog

If Fail Blog had an evil twin, this site would be it.

Where Should I Go to Eat?

Give this site your location and it will give you a place where you should eat. No fuss.


Combining Vine with the filtering prowess of Instagram.

Is the Sea Angry?

If you ever need to know whether or not the sea is angry, this is your site.

Agencies and Their Marketing

Because one man felt agencies were a bunch of fluff, he decided to showcase them all in one place. This is that place.

Badly Recreated Film Frames

A still from an animated film is taken and then quickly turned into something that, more often than not, looks pretty bad.

Please Donate

A donation button appears before you.

Removie Posters

This is what happens when you remove one letter from the title of a movie.