Informational Sites

French Fries, Mashed, Baked

Nothing is quite as versatile nor simple as the potato. This site seems to reinforce this fact.

Instagram and Sandy Collide

…Bringing you “the story of hurricane sandy told through instagram.” Stay safe friends.

Like AWFY? Share it with others!

Need a Compliment?

This site has got you covered if you’re in the need for a quick comment. Still feel bad? Keep clicking.

Who Doesn’t Like Capybara?

Don’t like rats or mice? How can you not like this adorable rodent? Yes, they’re big and they look like they have a mustache, but they’re so fluffy!

Beware of the Bobble Chicken

Talk about creepy. This chicken has got at least one eye on you, at all times. Watch what you do in front of it.

Who Doesn’t Like Pie?

People who dislike pie can stay away, but for everyone else, here’s a place to get your slice on again, and again, and again.

Popping Popcorn

Nothing more, nothing less. Be mesmerized by the never-ending popping action.

What’s in a Kiss?

One thing is for sure, for couple, Almar and Margot, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Showcase Your Bookshelf

Readers unite! A site where you can show off your bookshelves, because people want to see them.

What I Actually Meant Was

Ever look back on a situation and think about how you could have said things differently? No longer is this a problem with these snappy comebacks.

YouTube is a Sad Place

Amidst all of the random comments and trolling, you just probably didn’t notice. This site did and it’s, well, pretty sad.