Informational Sites


People who post their phone numbers online, you have been warned.

Pretty Awesome Sauce

That’s (some) pretty awesome sauce! History, information, and recipes having to do with some famous sauces.

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The On1on

These stories will make you wish they were satire.

Distance to Mars

Curious to know what the distance to Mars is? This site should help put things in perspective.


Salivate over the deliciousness that is pudim… or don’t.

SHA1 Hash

For those times when you need to encode a string of text.

I Want OpenID

Don’t forget the milk, in case you wanted OpenID.


Another symbol you might encounter online or might want to use when coding.

Ten Cents

A picture of US ten cents.

Pinterest Fail

Seeing all of these DIY moments on Pinterest is enough to make you wonder if the original poster has magical powers.

Bad Opinion Generator

This site helps generate opinions that, in retrospect, are quite bad.


What happens when Kickstarter gets a little weird or freaky even? This site documents it.