Informational Sites

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You Mean Envious

Not jealous! Now whenever anyone makes the mistake, you can send them this website.


This site takes a story and makes it into a simple version that’s easy to read.

Internet First Page

If there was ever a beginning to the Internet, it might look like this.

F This Website

This person thought it would be funny to print f-bombs of different sizes and post them wherever.

HuffPo Spoilers

Like the description says, “I give in to @HuffingtonPost click-bait so you don’t have to.” How nice.

Mashup Breakdown

Mashups are sometimes confusing messes of songs. This site simplifies cleans up these messes.


That would be a double left angle quote, for those wondering.

Strftime Reference

For coding enthusiasts, because one man couldn’t remember Python’s strftime references and didn’t want to keep on searching.

No Time for Love

This is what happens when misplaced priorities turn into regret.

It’s Twenty-Ten

Actually, the date for this site is now off a bit, but it does lay some foundation for saying the current year.