Informational Sites

Three Frames

This is what happens when you reduce a movie, or scene even, to just three frames.


Combining Vine with the filtering prowess of Instagram.

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Your blog says a lot about you. This service takes what you write, analyzes it, and tells you your personality based on it.

Umbrella Today?

Should you pull out your umbrella today? If you’re looking for a simple answer, look no further than this site.

Is it Chinese New Year Yet?

It’s coming up soon right? Hmmmm, not sure? This site might help you figure out when exactly the long holiday is.

Agencies and Their Marketing

Because one man felt agencies were a bunch of fluff, he decided to showcase them all in one place. This is that place.

Are We at War?

Need to know if the United States is at war? This site should help.

Tom Haverfoods

If Tom Haverford were to make up names for foods, this is what he might say.

Google Street Scene

Some strange things happen on Google Street View. This site documents a lot of them.

It’s Not Lupus

Think it’s lupus? Dr. Gregory House will tell you otherwise.

The F-ing Weather

Check out this website for, you know, the weather and a sarcastic take on what that means.


This has to do with something.

Tweet Ping

Tweets from the Twittersphere in real time, visually displayed.