Informational Sites

Does the Mail Run Today?

Use this site to check if you will be receiving mail later on today (or any day for that matter).

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This tool helps you create random slogans from keywords in a cinch.

Kid Casting

A site for when kids are cast to look like their older counterparts.

Mango Republic

Heard of the Banana Republic? Welcome to the Mango Republic, featuring a mango.


A rather unique clock showing the time in Tokyo and dancing women.

The Coffee Show

Showcasing over 800 coffee-related links with the click of a button.

Crazy Thoughts

An engaging list of thoughts for you to ponder or ask your friends.


This site is a simulation of a stylized, vintage, arpanet/usenet. Nerds rejoice.


Search, recommend, and translate things on Google + izzle = Gizoogle.

Global Crisis Killed my Job

This, now defunct, site shows those who lost their jobs, across the globe by country, as a result of the global crisis.