Informational Sites


This person tests out things seen on Pinterest, so that you don’t have to–often resulting in sad and humorous endings.

Truth Graphs

The truth hurts, especially when you can see it in graphical form.

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It’s a Mystery

Shhhh, this website, it’s a mystery–featuring a tiny ghost in the middle of the screen.

A BetaMax Xmas

Flip through the channels to see what’s playing on the TV during this holiday season.

Save The Fluorescent Unicorns

Okay, maybe not exactly, but you get the point. Use this site on people who just don’t seem to have an off button.

Lock Your Screen

Use this site on family, friends, and co-workers who do not lock their screens before they leave.

Apple Cancelled Christmas

Just because they can, Apple cancelled Christmas. Guess we don’t have to get people presents?

I’m a Ninja

You can be a ninja with this site. Doesn’t it feel awesome!

Don’t Haunt Me Bro

Use this site to find out if your dwelling is or is located near a haunted house.

Essay Typer

Spent too much time partying? This is a tool that will help you type your essay, although you might not want to use it actually.