Informational Sites

Rides a Bike

Famous people riding their bikes, oftentimes, with other celebrities.

I Has a Bucket

If a walrus has a bucket, you should not try to take it from him or her.

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All Too Flat

A collection or random things, mythbusting, and quirky humor.


Bad English and poor grammar make for some pretty humorous reads. You have to admit, though, that English is difficult to learn.

Just… Do It

For when you don’t have time to waste and want to tell someone ever so gently, just to do it.


No, not Macaroni. Recipes of how MacGyver did it, pulled from the web and curated for your viewing pleasure.

Pictures of People Scanning QR

Industry insiders told us that QR-codes would be the next big thing. This Tumblr site suggests otherwise.


Double right angle quote. Part of a family of character entities.

Candidate for Cats

If your cat were to vote, this is the candidate he or she would endorse.

How to Bake a Potato

Not sure how to bake a spud to a golden crisp? This site will teach you how with step by step pictures and instructions. How easy is that?

Cute Things Falling Asleep

Each thing rated on a cuteness and sleepiness scale from 1-5 for your added convenience.

Mapping Out Chatroulette

Making something out of the randomness that is chatroulette. Just beware, this still does not prevent you from seeing things you may not want to see.