Interactive Sites

Distance to Mars

Curious to know what the distance to Mars is? This site should help put things in perspective.

SHA1 Hash

For those times when you need to encode a string of text.

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Pokemon Fusion

This is what happens when you combine one Pokemon with another.


Just got burned or have a friend that did? This site might come in handy.

Wilhelm Scream

The scream of all screams, conveniently located on a website for you to use.

Patience is a Virtue

Take a deep breath and just wait for the site to finish loading.

Thousands Under Ninety

Like the site says, “Because you know you deserve an award”–a site for all those shortchanged in life.

Walk the Maze

Use the keys on your keyboard to navigate this little person around. How quickly can you do it?


This site takes a story and makes it into a simple version that’s easy to read.


Three heads that make sounds when you hover over them.