Interactive Sites


This is what happens when you combine Popes and kaleidoscopes.

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Makes words and statements look so much cooler, and possibly less legible.

Bad Ad Generator

Create your very own bad healthcare ad using this generator, complete with swooshes and headlines.

No Time for Love

This is what happens when misplaced priorities turn into regret.


Ever get those people that just want to know something they could easily look up? This site is here to help.

Make a Celebrity Odd

Type in a celebrity’s name and, in an instant, they become odd.

Mapa Gigante

This handy tool will allow you to create a giant map for the location and size you specify.


This site allows you to create virtual trees with pink and white leaves.

Break Glass to Sound Alarm

In case of fire, you should probably not sound a virtual alarm. If you need to though, this site should help.

Teach Parents Tech

Ever wanted an easier way to teach your parents how to use technology? This sites make this a little easier.