Interactive Sites


Draw and play with dominoes. Like doing it in real life but digital.

Audience Sounds

A soundboard filled with audience sounds–perfect for creating a sitcom within your own room.

Like AWFY? Share it with others!


Combining Vine with the filtering prowess of Instagram.


Your blog says a lot about you. This service takes what you write, analyzes it, and tells you your personality based on it.

Umbrella Today?

Should you pull out your umbrella today? If you’re looking for a simple answer, look no further than this site.

Hey Look at my Games

A simple site dedicated just to showcasing a developer’s games.

Music History in GIFs

This site features simple and fun gifs as a way of teaching music history.

Is it the Super Bowl Yet?

The Super Bowl comes and goes every year, but is it today? This site should help answer your question.

Please Donate

A donation button appears before you.

The F-ing Weather

Check out this website for, you know, the weather and a sarcastic take on what that means.

Nobody Here

Feeling a bit mischievous? Take down a few stuffed bears. Don’t worry, they’ll bounce right back up.

Random DOH!

Click the doughnut to produce Homer’s signature “Doh!” Use liberally.

Coming up Milhouse

Milhouse discovers that flood pants really work in this Simpsons tribute.

The Disagreeing Internet

What if the Internet went against you? Well, it might look something like this site.