Parody Sites


This person tests out things seen on Pinterest, so that you don’t have to–often resulting in sad and humorous endings.

Truth Graphs

The truth hurts, especially when you can see it in graphical form.

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Apple Cancelled Christmas

Just because they can, Apple cancelled Christmas. Guess we don’t have to get people presents?

Startup or Pokemon?

Test your knowledge about Pokemon and startups. Which one is each?


Cholafied is your source for celebrities done up as if they were Cholas, complete with Sharpied eyebrows and dark lipliner.

Fake Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama’s life as told through a fake Pinterest account.

One Tiny Hand

People and things with one regular sized hand and a smaller one.

All Too Flat

A collection or random things, mythbusting, and quirky humor.

Mitt Romney Mega Prayer

Organizing prayers to get Mitt Romney elected. Prayer is said to have worked elsewhere. Would it hurt to try here?

Draw Me Something

Name what you want these artist to draw and they will draw it, oftentimes with unintentionally comedic results.