Political Sites

Is Nate Silver a Witch?

Asking the question if Nate Silver is a witch or just uses really good statistics to guide his predictions.

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Sad for Japan

Move the Japanese flag around on this site as it gleans on screen.

Fake Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama’s life as told through a fake Pinterest account.

Floor Charts

Charts from the senate floor. Some are quite ridiculous.

Disappearing Romney

Watch the Facebook fans of Mitt Romney disappear before your very eyes in real time.

Candidate for Cats

If your cat were to vote, this is the candidate he or she would endorse.

Mitt Romney Mega Prayer

Organizing prayers to get Mitt Romney elected. Prayer is said to have worked elsewhere. Would it hurt to try here?

Your Polling Place

Excuse the language. Need to find your polling place for the Election? This site has got you covered.