Pop Culture Sites

Kid Casting

A site for when kids are cast to look like their older counterparts.

Did the Yankees Win?

A site that allowed Yankee fans to check whether or not their beloved team had won.

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Hey Do Me a Favor

If the above image is any indication, you probably don’t want to open this up at work. Can be used as a more passive tool to quiet someone.


What happens when a mustache becomes the hair of the person the mustache is from.

Edith with Googly Eyes

Edith from Downton Abbey with googly eyes. No matter what you think of this show, this site certainly adds charm.


Facemath is what you get when you add or subtract celebrity faces together to get other celebrities.

Bad Kids Jokes

Kid jokes that are, sadly, really quite bad.

Blue Ball Machine

Follow one of many blue balls around the factory as it take shape and moves around the screen.

Bury Me With My Money

A guy falling down from the sky multiple times saying, “Bury me with my money.”

Internet Test Card

Internet, testing, 1, 2, 3… reminiscent of those old Indian test patterns.

Crazy Thoughts

An engaging list of thoughts for you to ponder or ask your friends.

White Trash

A site where you can click a guy’s face to change the things he wears.