Pop Culture Sites

Pen Island Pens

A place to buy pens which also happen to have the word island after them.

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The Daily Nice

Something that made the photographer feel happy, posted daily.

Dead at Your Age

This somewhat morose site lets you know at your age, interesting people who you have outlived.

I Forgot to Take a Picture

People who just couldn’t wait to take a picture of their food and the imagining of what was there.


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Defiant Dog

You think your dog is defiant? Check out this one. He does not even do flips.

Where’s Randy Savage?

There’s no stopping Randy Savage. He’s everywhere. It’s just a matter of asking, “where next?”

Waste a GUID

Once you use it, no one else can use it–kind of like licking something to claim it as your own.

Toggle Toggle

Toggle the lights on and off on this site.


Search, recommend, and translate things on Google + izzle = Gizoogle.

Nelson Haha

Nelson from The Simpsons saying “Haha!”