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Jony Ive Redesigns Things

So maybe people didn’t like the work that Jony Ive did with iOS 7. Can’t blame him for not starting a trend though.

Inception Explained

Does “Inception” still confuse you? This site might help.

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People who post their phone numbers online, you have been warned.

Batman Running Away

Didn’t you know? Batman and Robin are quite afraid of most things and will often run at first sight.

Disney Face Swap

This is what happens when people switch the faces of Disney characters.

Ryan Gosling or a Puppy?

Alone, one might say puppies and Ryan Gosling are cute. What happens when you compare the two though? This.

Breaded Cats

It’s not quite what you think it is… or is it?

The On1on

These stories will make you wish they were satire.

Phones for Sandwiches

People look kind of ridiculous already holding their phones. Why not replace them with sandwiches?

Where is Balloon Boy?

The story of Balloon Boy captivated the world, but the question remains… where is he?

Instant Om

Relax and just hit the om button.