Pop Culture Sites

Pokemon Fusion

This is what happens when you combine one Pokemon with another.

At My Funeral

Songs that people would like to have played at their funeral, whether or not others know it.

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Instant End

For all those finishing moments you want to be happy or times when you just want things to end.

Ten Cents

A picture of US ten cents.

Pinterest Fail

Seeing all of these DIY moments on Pinterest is enough to make you wonder if the original poster has magical powers.

Slaughterhouse 90210

This is what you get when you combine Slaughterhouse-Five and 90210.


Just got burned or have a friend that did? This site might come in handy.

Coke Mountain

Come over and you can play Rock Band.

Bad Opinion Generator

This site helps generate opinions that, in retrospect, are quite bad.

Wilhelm Scream

The scream of all screams, conveniently located on a website for you to use.


What happens when Kickstarter gets a little weird or freaky even? This site documents it.

Patience is a Virtue

Take a deep breath and just wait for the site to finish loading.


Are those martians looking back at us or are they something else?