Pop Culture Sites

Booze Cats

Take a bottle of booze, replace it with a cat, and this is what you get.

Really Pinterest?

Things on Pinterest that will really make you wonder what’s going on.

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This is what happens when you combine Popes and kaleidoscopes.

Little Girls Are Better

At designing superheroes that is. Here, an artist recreates girls costumes as if they were real life superheroes.

Bees Bees Bees

You get a bee, you get a bee, you get a bee!


Ever get those people that just want to know something they could easily look up? This site is here to help.

Oops, Wrong Person

It’s so easy to type a phone number incorrectly. For all those cases via text, there is this site.

Teach Parents Tech

Ever wanted an easier way to teach your parents how to use technology? This sites make this a little easier.

Sport Balls Replace with Cats

This site shows what would happen if the balls people played with in sports were replaces with cats.

Optical Illusions

A whole set of optical illusions for you to try out. Can you figure out what’s wrong with them though?