Pop Culture Sites

First-Person Tetris

Go back in time and play Tetris like you may have in the late 80’s and early 90’s on your NES.

Super Important Test

There are two aspects on an oreo. Which one do you side with?

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Friend Bear

A bear, in the forest, that creates rather random cartoons for all the world to see.

Thumbs and Ammo

Because you don’t need a gun to show others who’s boss. All you need is a great big thumbs up.

Cute Roulette

The cute just keeps on coming–one cute video after another.

Biggest Stuff

A look into some of the biggest, longest, loudest, most expensive… things out there.

Bad Kids Jokes

Kids jokes that might have you rolling your eyes because of how bad they are.


The “o’s” and the “i’s” just never end on this site.

Faces in Places

You can find faces in the strangest places. This is a showcase of those faces.

Gnome Party

A gaggle (?) of gnomes having a jolly good time. (Does anyone know what a grouping of gnomes is called?)

A Legless LEGO Legolas

LEGO Legolas from Lord of the Rings, without legs. Nothing more, or less for that matter.


Ambient noise has been shown to increase productivity. Why not bring it into your workspace with this helpful site?