Pop Culture Sites

The Zombie Apocolypse

Are you prepared for the zombie apocolypse? This site will get you ready.

Nothing Confuses Me

Nothing confuses you either? Great! This is the perfect site for you.

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Check this site to get your fill of Ed McMahon saying “hiyoooo!”

My Parents Were Awesome

Yeah, they might be a little older now or somewhere, who knows; but in their heyday, they were quite the party animals as this site reveals.

Unhappy Hipsters

Somewhere around the intersection of hipsterdom and modern life, you find unhappy hipsters.

Instant Hallelujah

For those moments when you need a little gospel choir to sing “Hallelujah!”


William Shatner crying out “Khan” in pure YTMND style.

Arrested Westeros

This is what happens when Arrested Development and Game of Thrones combine.

Instant Chewbacca

Click Chewbacca’s head for an instant does of Chewie.

Succeed Blog

If Fail Blog had an evil twin, this site would be it.

Disney Bound

This site is what happens when Disney fans and fashionistas collide.

Law & Order Eats

Photos from Law & Order of characters eating–no more, no less.