Pop Culture Sites

2D Glasses

Take charge of your viewing experience and make 3D movies 2D with these glasses.

All Day Samples

This site has, quite possibly, way too many audio samples to sample.

Like AWFY? Share it with others!

Old Spice Voicemail

Need a new voicemail? Generate a one with the help of the Old Spice Man.

Unhear It

Ever have those moments where you can’t seem to shake off a catchy song? Unhear it with this handy site.

Fake Science

Not all science is real. Fake science is, well… fake.


Pop packaging bubbles to your heart’s content with this site.

Context-Free Patent Art

A collection of art, straight from patent applications, presented without commentary.

Menswear Dog

A dog that dresses up in stylish menswear–this or an owner that likes playing dress up with his or her dog.


Draw and play with dominoes. Like doing it in real life but digital.

Edgar Allan Poe

If Edgar Allan Poe had a Twitter account, this is what he might have tweeted.

Three Frames

This is what happens when you reduce a movie, or scene even, to just three frames.

Stewart G. Griffin

A parody account of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy speaking out on Twitter.


Combining Vine with the filtering prowess of Instagram.