Pop Culture Sites

365 Illustrations

This artist created an illustration every day for a whole year.

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Your blog says a lot about you. This service takes what you write, analyzes it, and tells you your personality based on it.

Is it Chinese New Year Yet?

It’s coming up soon right? Hmmmm, not sure? This site might help you figure out when exactly the long holiday is.

Music History in GIFs

This site features simple and fun gifs as a way of teaching music history.

Epic One Liner

Click the image for one heck of a line.

Tom Haverfoods

If Tom Haverford were to make up names for foods, this is what he might say.

Google Street Scene

Some strange things happen on Google Street View. This site documents a lot of them.

Badly Recreated Film Frames

A still from an animated film is taken and then quickly turned into something that, more often than not, looks pretty bad.

Corgi Orgy

A whole lot of corgi’s swimming in water across your screen. Caution: potential cute overload.

The Kitten Covers

What happens when cats take over some of your favorite music albums–more proof that the Internet runs on cats.

1.21 Jiggawatts

Star Wars or Back to the Future. The creator of this site would say the latter.

It’s Not Lupus

Think it’s lupus? Dr. Gregory House will tell you otherwise.

Is it the Super Bowl Yet?

The Super Bowl comes and goes every year, but is it today? This site should help answer your question.