Question Sites

Should I Use Tables for Layout?

For all of the developers out there, a question you’ve been dying to get an answer to. Tables or no tables?

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Is Lost a Repeat?

It just goes on and on and on. When will we finally understand what the Dharma Initiative is really about… oh wait.

Is it April Fools?

Not quite, but when it is, hopefully this site won’t fool you.

Super Important Test

There are two aspects on an oreo. Which one do you side with?

Is the Dow Up?

This handy site will let you know if the Dow is up. Now, only if it would tell you when sell exactly.

Is it Okay to be Alone?

Because sometime you just have to know that it’s okay to be by yourself.

Who is Osama?

When Osama was killed; some of the world rejoiced; some were saddened; others, where confused.

Where Should I Go to Eat?

Give this site your location and it will give you a place where you should eat. No fuss.