Question Sites

Is the Sea Angry?

If you ever need to know whether or not the sea is angry, this is your site.

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Umbrella Today?

Should you pull out your umbrella today? If you’re looking for a simple answer, look no further than this site.

Is it Chinese New Year Yet?

It’s coming up soon right? Hmmmm, not sure? This site might help you figure out when exactly the long holiday is.

Are We at War?

Need to know if the United States is at war? This site should help.

Is it the Super Bowl Yet?

The Super Bowl comes and goes every year, but is it today? This site should help answer your question.

Does the Mail Run Today?

Use this site to check if you will be receiving mail later on today (or any day for that matter).

Did the Yankees Win?

A site that allowed Yankee fans to check whether or not their beloved team had won.

Where’s Randy Savage?

There’s no stopping Randy Savage. He’s everywhere. It’s just a matter of asking, “where next?”