Sound Sites

Wilhelm Scream

The scream of all screams, conveniently located on a website for you to use.

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Yeah Button

Press the button for a nice long “yeaaahhhh!”


Three heads that make sounds when you hover over them.

Hah Gaaaaaaaaay

Senior Chang saying “Ha, Gay!” from the television sitcom Community.

Mashup Breakdown

Mashups are sometimes confusing messes of songs. This site simplifies cleans up these messes.

Giant Bat Farts

Giant bats that fly around and flatulate at night.


The steamroller just keeps on rolling along.

Break Glass to Sound Alarm

In case of fire, you should probably not sound a virtual alarm. If you need to though, this site should help.

Feed the Head

Keep on interacting with the head until something big happens. Almost as fun as Tamagotchi.

Ducks Are the Best

Ducks, ducks, and more ducks appear on screen as you move your cursor around.