Sound Sites

Listen to Bitcoin

Ah, the sound of Bitcoin (money) being transferred online.

Infinite Frogs

So many frogs on screen, it’s almost dizzying.

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Random Colour

This site shows a random color each time you visit. Would you say this is key lime or more sea foam green?

YouTube Rave

Take a YouTube video, add flashing lights to the background, and you got yourself a mini rave.

The Nicest Place

Maybe you might not be able to get a hug in person, but this service offers the next best thing.

Drama Button

Does your life have a little drama in it? Amplify it with help from the drama button.


Visit this website to get treated to calming sights and sounds.

Cute Roulette

The cute just keeps on coming–one cute video after another.


The “o’s” and the “i’s” just never end on this site.

Gnome Party

A gaggle (?) of gnomes having a jolly good time. (Does anyone know what a grouping of gnomes is called?)

The Internet Fireplace

Going to the slopes soon or still wish it was the holiday season? Spice up your life with a little virtual fireplace.


Ambient noise has been shown to increase productivity. Why not bring it into your workspace with this helpful site?

Instant Trap

Need to tell someone, ala Admiral Ackbar, that they’re falling into a trap? Here you go.