Sound Sites


Check this site to get your fill of Ed McMahon saying “hiyoooo!”

Daba Daba Dab

Need someone singing “da’s” and “ba’s” to you? Yeah, you do. The audio on this site is bound to please.

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Instant Hallelujah

For those moments when you need a little gospel choir to sing “Hallelujah!”


This site features a rooster dressed up in a red and white jacket.

Rainy Mood

Live somewhere where it doesn’t rain, or just love the feeling that rain evokes? This site has got you covered.


William Shatner crying out “Khan” in pure YTMND style.

Instant Chewbacca

Click Chewbacca’s head for an instant does of Chewie.


Grab the sunglasses and put them on the guy already.


Where YouTube videos with no views, whatsoever, go to cry.

All Day Samples

This site has, quite possibly, way too many audio samples to sample.

Old Spice Voicemail

Need a new voicemail? Generate a one with the help of the Old Spice Man.

Unhear It

Ever have those moments where you can’t seem to shake off a catchy song? Unhear it with this handy site.


Pop packaging bubbles to your heart’s content with this site.

Vuvuzela Time!

Type in your favorite sites to “Relive the 2010 World Cup whist you surf the net.” Bzzzzzz!