Sound Sites


This tool will allow you to do some pretty cool things with your videos. In this case, feedback mode of the Harlem Shake.

Audience Sounds

A soundboard filled with audience sounds–perfect for creating a sitcom within your own room.

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Is it Chinese New Year Yet?

It’s coming up soon right? Hmmmm, not sure? This site might help you figure out when exactly the long holiday is.

Epic One Liner

Click the image for one heck of a line.

Random DOH!

Click the doughnut to produce Homer’s signature “Doh!” Use liberally.

Coming up Milhouse

Milhouse discovers that flood pants really work in this Simpsons tribute.

Ringing Telephone

A telephone that just keeps on ringing, and ringing, and ringing…


A green llama-looking like thing, prancing backwards to the beat of music.

Hey Do Me a Favor

If the above image is any indication, you probably don’t want to open this up at work. Can be used as a more passive tool to quiet someone.

Gong Sound Effect

Use this handy site for whenever you need to bang a gong but don’t have one readily available.


A rather unique clock showing the time in Tokyo and dancing women.

Nulling the Void

Watch as rocks fall from the sky then explode upon click.


Hover over the letters on this site to see the screen change to red, green, or blue.