Sound Sites

Mister Nice Hands

You can now “pull someone’s finger” online with this site.

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Dogs running endlessly across a bold rainbow screen.

Silk – Generative Art

Move your cursor around to create art with a line of symmetry down the center of the screen.


This site will turn your website or html into a music. To do this, Codeorgan analyzes the structure, depth, and complexity of your code.

Why Was He Sad?

Stare up at the sky and pop clouds. *Pop, pop*

You Are The Mosquito

For once, instead of being annoyed by mosquitos, you can feel what it’s like to be a mosquito… kind of.

The Rainbow Toaster Pastry Cat

Flying through space, trailing rainbows, there’s no stopping Nyan Cat. How long can you seriously Nyan?

In Case of Emergency, Yodel

Caught in the middle of Alps and need a good yodel? The Internet, once again, comes to your rescue.

Popping Popcorn

Nothing more, nothing less. Be mesmerized by the never-ending popping action.