Tumblr Sites

Oops, Wrong Person

It’s so easy to type a phone number incorrectly. For all those cases via text, there is this site.

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Pinterest is sometimes, too crazy for its own good. This site chronicles these posts.

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Sport Balls Replace with Cats

This site shows what would happen if the balls people played with in sports were replaces with cats.

Wikipedia Fun

Proving even more that you can’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia, this site documents entries that are intentionally tweaked with.

Actresses Without Teeth

Anyone without teeth probably look odd, but female celebrities look so much… better?

Brand Equality

Brands jumping, and not jumping, on the marriage equality bandwagon.

Auto Buds

Most of the time, cars travel alone in terms of model, make, and color. Other times, they’re called Auto Buds.

Bad Kids Jokes

Kids jokes that might have you rolling your eyes because of how bad they are.

Things Fitting Perfectly

This is what you get when you have a hole with something that fits in it perfectly.