Tumblr Sites

My Parents Were Awesome

Yeah, they might be a little older now or somewhere, who knows; but in their heyday, they were quite the party animals as this site reveals.

Unhappy Hipsters

Somewhere around the intersection of hipsterdom and modern life, you find unhappy hipsters.

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Who is Osama?

When Osama was killed; some of the world rejoiced; some were saddened; others, where confused.

Arrested Westeros

This is what happens when Arrested Development and Game of Thrones combine.

Disney Bound

This site is what happens when Disney fans and fashionistas collide.

David Karp

A parody account for David Karp, CEO of Tumblr fame.

Law & Order Eats

Photos from Law & Order of characters eating–no more, no less.

Context-Free Patent Art

A collection of art, straight from patent applications, presented without commentary.

Monkey Tuesday

This lady really likes monkeys and it shows. This site is dedicated to nothing but them.

Menswear Dog

A dog that dresses up in stylish menswear–this or an owner that likes playing dress up with his or her dog.

Three Frames

This is what happens when you reduce a movie, or scene even, to just three frames.

Agencies and Their Marketing

Because one man felt agencies were a bunch of fluff, he decided to showcase them all in one place. This is that place.

The Kitten Covers

What happens when cats take over some of your favorite music albums–more proof that the Internet runs on cats.