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Ignore Hitler

A guy who’s thing it was to draw Hitler in Draw Something requests.

Lousy Book Covers

Like the description says, “Just because you can design your own book cover doesn’t mean you should.”

Kid Casting

A site for when kids are cast to look like their older counterparts.


What happens when a mustache becomes the hair of the person the mustache is from.

Edith with Googly Eyes

Edith from Downton Abbey with googly eyes. No matter what you think of this show, this site certainly adds charm.


Facemath is what you get when you add or subtract celebrity faces together to get other celebrities.

Bad Kids Jokes

Kid jokes that are, sadly, really quite bad.

Pictures of Boba

The sister site of Picture of Pies, featuring boba drinks of all shapes and sizes from the places that would serve them.

I Forgot to Take a Picture

People who just couldn’t wait to take a picture of their food and the imagining of what was there.