Tumblr Sites

Pictures of People Scanning QR

Industry insiders told us that QR-codes would be the next big thing. This Tumblr site suggests otherwise.

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Eye on Springfield

Top moments from The Simpsons curated by Kent Brockman and the news team.

Coloring and Rap Activity Book

Rap fans can go back to their childhood days with these handy coloring sheets. Just print them up and color away.

Secret Bookcase Doors

People sharing their hidden bookcase doors, just because–hiding all kinds of things including other rooms, storage, washing machines, and even Narnia.

Because Salads Are Funny

…Women like to laugh at them, particularly if they’re alone–at least according to many stock images. What a strange phenomenon.

Celebrity Origami

Ever wonder what some of your favorite celebrities would look like without their noses or other defining features? Now you know.

Brad Pitt is a Great Eater

Judging from this site, all you would think Brad Pitt does is eat, and eat, and drink.

Who Doesn’t Like Pie?

People who dislike pie can stay away, but for everyone else, here’s a place to get your slice on again, and again, and again.

Do a Hair Barrel!

Forget the North Shore of O’ahu. This is the next frontier of surfing.