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SF Siren

The unofficial Twitter account of the SF Siren–“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…”

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Your in America Bot

Retweeting and making it known it’s “you’re” not “your in America.” English teachers rejoice!

Not Sure What to Tweet?

Just have someone random tweet something for you, or better yet, have this service do the thinking for you.

An Experiment in Language

Have you seen the irony of hipsters over there? They think they can just change language with their made up collective nouns.

It’s Okay. Just Let it All Out

Complaints are bountiful on the Internet. Some are basic, some are uninteresting, and still others are funny. The funny ones on Twitter, at least, have a home at Kvetch.

The Queen is Not Amused

…by your reckless behavior. In fact, she would like to partake to show you how to really do it.


Has this program turned a new leaf? Maybe… Posts “lots of geek/computertech/space related jokes.”

Follow The Dark Side

Lord Vader’s random musings about the galaxy and popular culture.

Totally Not Gary Busey

“Gary Busey is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum, elegantly paired with a fetching scarf.” -King of NY

The Dark Lord is Not Amused

Voldermort likes to wreck havoc in the Twittersphere, dropping his Harry Potter rants and two cents everywhere.