This is what happens when you combine Popes and kaleidoscopes.

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Animals Being Mean

Most of the time, it just looks worse than it actually is. Other times, the animals are really plotting.

Mashup Breakdown

Mashups are sometimes confusing messes of songs. This site simplifies cleans up these messes.


That would be a double left angle quote, for those wondering.

This Guy Eliot

You probably won't care, unless your name is Eliot; but is Eliot of the sucking variety?

Strftime Reference

For coding enthusiasts, because one man couldn't remember Python’s strftime references and didn't want to keep on searching.


Makes words and statements look so much cooler, and possibly less legible.

Bad Ad Generator

Create your very own bad healthcare ad using this generator, complete with swooshes and headlines.

Little Girls Are Better

At designing superheroes that is. Here, an artist recreates girls costumes as if they were real life superheroes.