Are We Full Yet (AWFY) is a site aimed at showcasing the latest and greatest single serving sites (SSS). Some, as you will see, are straightforward; others are more roundabout. Some sites are fun, while others are just plain random.

As Veronica Belmont of MaximumPC states, “It may seem that these sites are little more than a quick bit of entertainment, but I would go so far as to say that they are the very essence of Internet, boiled down and purified into one perfect block of code.”

This essence even became the source of inspiration and data for a thesis.

Foster Kamer of The Village Voice thinks of good single serving websites as “the dim sum of the internet: the really good ones are hard to find and often look like all the others, but when done correctly, [are] priceless and wonderful treats.”

So, call us your dim sum specialists, or not. We’re here to scour the Interwebs to provide you delicious randomness and fun. We hope you enjoy your feast and will eat with us again, and again, and again… ad infinitum.



What’s up with the name of this site?
The name of this site, Are We Full Yet, is derived from a combination of two ideas:

1. “Single serving”* as in single servings (of food) that you can digest till you’re full
2. The royal we, which is when an individual speaks about him or herself in plural

*The term single serving site comes from blogger, Jason Kottke, who identified the trend in 2008.

How do I use Are We Full Yet?
Each post on the main page contains an image related to the site. In some cases, the image is taken directly from the site. In others, it may come from elsewhere so as not to spoil the surprise. You may click on this image to be taken directly to the referenced site.

Clicking on the title will bring you to the individual post page. In addition to everything you see on the main page, you will also see related sites and be able to comment near the bottom of the page.

On the bottom left of the main page, you will find a block of cheese. This is our method for rating and ranking posts. Clicking the cheese signals that you like a site. This helps us find new sites that readers, like yourself, will like.

The bottom right shows any credits for the site post. If someone submitted a site and we used it, their linked name would show here. Photo credits may also be shown here in a similar manner.

What is this NSFW icon?
NSFW stands for Not Safe for Work. This icon shows that content on this site might not be suitable for viewing in a more professional, work environment. This may be caused by any number of things including profanity within the URL, profanity on the site, and suggestive imagery. We just want to make sure that we give you a heads up when it comes to these things. Shock is a key element of many of these sites, but not so much in the NSFW sense.