Sound Sites

Caramell Dansen

How long can you dance with anime characters for?

We are Now Serving

A site that shows what number the site is now serving, which may or may not be your number.

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You Are a Pirate

Social commentary about Limewire and the piracy that occurred on the site, in happy, mocking song.

QVC #2

Dare to get sucked into the time warp that is QVC?

Instant Chan!

Don’t know what a chan is? Check out this site. If you do, use it wisely.

YouTube Shuffle

If a site showing random videos on YouTube is your thing, as opposed to simply browsing, this site is for you.

Instant Om

Relax and just hit the om button.

Do Not Touch

This is what results when you instruct people to follow instructions for your cursor-based music video.


Looking for some “I’s?” Look no further than this site.

At My Funeral

Songs that people would like to have played at their funeral, whether or not others know it.

Instant End

For all those finishing moments you want to be happy or times when you just want things to end.


Just got burned or have a friend that did? This site might come in handy.


La laa la la laa…

Riddly Diddly

An epic mashup that will test your will. How long can you last the Riddly Diddly-ness?