Reaction Sites

Jony Ive Redesigns Things

So maybe people didn’t like the work that Jony Ive did with iOS 7. Can’t blame him for not starting a trend though.

Like AWFY? Share it with others!

Instant Chan!

Don’t know what a chan is? Check out this site. If you do, use it wisely.

Just… Do It

When you just want someone to get something done, you might send them to this site.

Bring Google Reader Back

Google let users know they would pull the plug soon. This is one person’s effort to stop this from happening.

Making disgruntled people less disgruntled by showing them photos of disgruntled animals.

Life is Not Fair

Sometimes, life is not fair. That’s just the way it is.

Instant Chewbacca

Click Chewbacca’s head for an instant does of Chewie.

Succeed Blog

If Fail Blog had an evil twin, this site would be it.


Maybe you need a disclaimer? Create one in an instant with help from this tool.

I Like Your Jacket

Searching for a compliment? Stop searching and start complimenting with this site.